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From farm to ingredient innovation With SVZ’s natural, sustainable products, let’s innovate together Discover how we can grow better together

幸运飞行艇官网开奖结果记录+168飞艇官网结果记录数据、官方查询历史记录 We are SVZ

Looking for a high-quality and sustainable fruit and vegetable ingredients supplier? Our portfolio of premium purees, concentrates, NFC juices and IQFs is not only tasty and 100% natural, but it also comes with the added reassurance of SVZ’s reliability and industry expertise.

Drawing on more than 150 years of expertise across the agro-supply chain, our collective knowledge and close collaboration with our partner farmers, customers and suppliers makes us the go-to fruit and vegetable ingredients supplier for leading food and beverage manufacturers across the globe. 

Together, we grow better.

Our Philosophy

Supplying the very best fruit and vegetable ingredients is easier said than done.

We found that by establishing long-lasting partnerships that respect communities, support farmers, take care of the environment and help our customers, we could strengthen our business while ensuring that the actions we take have a positive impact on our world.

As a fruit and vegetable ingredients supplier, we are in a unique position between growers and manufacturers, which means we have a huge opportunity to make a difference. It’s only through close collaborations, genuine commitment and knowledge sharing that we can connect all of the moving parts of the supply chain, make a meaningful contribution at every level and ultimately grow better together.

Our promise? Whatever your specific requirements, you can count on us to get safe, natural and delicious fruit and vegetable ingredients.

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At SVZ, we understand the challenges that food and beverage manufacturers face when they seek to accommodate to consumers’ ever-changing tastes and preferences.

That’s why we supply a wide range of premium, high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients that are sustainably sourced, and which taste great too – making it easy for producers to tap into the latest market trends.

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